Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Invitation to Apply to the Graduate Affiliate Program, Spring 2015

To: All Continuing Graduate and Professional School Students

From:             Lynn Cooley, Dean, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences 
And Kimberly Goff-Crews, Vice President for Student Life and Secretary
Re: Invitation for graduate and professional student affiliates in the residential colleges
Information and application online - due April 22
We are exceptionally pleased to extend an invitation from the Masters of Branford, Calhoun, Davenport, Ezra Stiles, Jonathan Edwards, Morse, Pierson, Saybrook, Timothy Dwight, and Trumbull Colleges to all continuing graduate and professional students to apply to affiliate with their colleges. The Graduate and Professional Affiliate Program allows graduate students to play an active role in the larger Yale community through involvement with one of the participating colleges. Various offices co-sponsor this program as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to enhance opportunities for graduate students to participate in campus life.
We hope you might consider this exciting possibility for closer involvement with undergraduate students in the colleges. If you do not choose to apply this year, applications for the 2016-17 program will be available next spring for continuing G&P students.
Invitation from the Masters of Participating Residential Colleges:

We write to invite continuing students from the graduate and the professional schools to participate in residential college life at Yale. The residential colleges are intimate communities where individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and interests come together and learn from one another. Through the many activities and facilities in the colleges, our students quickly understand that belonging to a residential college is a precious educational and personal experience.  Our students and faculty will welcome your participation in our activities. We sincerely look forward to reviewing your application.  These positions are non-residential, so they do not allow grad/professional students to live in the colleges.

The graduate and professional affiliate program promotes interactions with undergraduates, by providing special access to the participating college, a few meals per week, use of that college's facilities and many activities - ranging from college-wide educational, cultural and social events to photography, pottery, art and drama, poetry readings, music, language tables, science groups and career advising.  Graduate student affiliates work with the Master and the undergraduate students to plan programs of mutual interest and benefit in each college. You do not need to be an alumnus of Yale College - all continuing graduate and professional student are welcome to apply.

If you will be a full-time graduate or professional student in a degree program at Yale for 2015 -16, and would like to apply for consideration as a graduate/professional affiliate of a residential college, please complete the online application by 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 22 at 
http://yalegradaffiliates.blogspot.com. The website describes the affiliate program, the programs in the participating colleges, and FAQs. We will announce appointments for the 2015-16 academic year in early May. If you have questions not answered by the website or the FAQs, please contact the student graduate affiliate program coordinators (gradaffiliateprogram@gmail.com).

Elizabeth Bradley, Master, Branford
Jonathan Holloway, Master, Calhoun
Richard Schottenfeld, Master, Davenport
Stephen Pitti, Master, Ezra Stiles
Amy Hungerford, Master, Morse
Penelope Laurans, Master, Jonathan Edwards
Stephen Davis, Master, Pierson
Paul Hudak, Master, Saybrook
Jeffrey Brenzel, Master, Timothy Dwight
Margaret Clark, Master, Trumbull

*The Graduate and Professional Affiliate program is administered by the graduate student program coordinator, Lisa Brandes, Asst. Dean and Director at the McDougal Center, GSAS & OVPSL, and Carolyn Haller for the Council of Masters. The program is funded though the generous support of the Yale President's Office, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Yale Council of Masters, and the Yale residential colleges.


Participating Colleges

The residential colleges are intimate communities where individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and interests come together and learn from one another. Through the many activities and facilities in the colleges, our students quickly understand that belonging to a residential college is a precious educational and personal experience. We believe that graduate and professional involvement in residential college life at Yale proves rewarding for the affiliates, for the undergraduate population, and for the Yale community as a whole. As of Fall 2015, all twelve colleges participate in the program.

With its central location, beautiful architecture, and renowned dining hall, Berkeley College welcomes graduate affiliates to participate in the social, academic, and artistic aspects of College life. This includes eating meals in the college, running information sessions for students considering graduate or professional school,planning themed poetry, drama, or musical evenings, and participating in the Berkeley College orchestra and intramurals. We also like to help organize activities such as trips to the theater in NYC, outdoor s'mores nights, and apple-picking trips to local orchards. Affiliates often join the College's Fellows on Monday nights in their twice-monthly dinner meetings and the seniors in the Mellon Forum (Commonplace Society) on Tuesday nights. We invite graduate and professional students with initiative, creativity, and a sense of fun.

Learn more about the current Berkeley College Affiliates here:

Branford College is marked by Harkness Tower and the Great Courtyard that Robert Frost called “the most beautiful in America.” Activities that a graduate affiliate might enjoy include leading trips to musical, theatrical, or sporting events; helping with study breaks during exam period, and mentoring students about their senior research or future careers. Branford has both its own pottery studio, an art room, and a high-end digital media editing facility, which graduate affiliates can help run.

Learn more about the current Branford College Affiliates here:

Calhoun College
As one of the smallest residential colleges, Calhoun College is known for its closely-knit community. The Calhoun graduate affiliate program is a part of this warm population, and graduate students help both with existing programs and their own initiatives based on personal skills and areas of interest. We welcome graduate students with a passion for hosting challenging conversations (such as whether Calhoun should still be called Calhoun?), for sharing cultural events with students, for preparing undergraduates for graduate or professional school, for intramural sports, for informal advising of all types, and for building strong relationships through food and fun.
 Our facilities, available for graduate student use, include a pottery studio, an art studio, a performance cabaret, and a new digital media room.

Learn more about the current Calhoun College Affiliates here: http://calhoun.yalecollege.yale.edu/whos-who/graduate-affiliates

Davenport College's architecture is distinguished by its Gothic exterior and Georgian interior and courtyards, and the college community is vibrant, engaged, and welcoming. We hope that graduate affiliates who join our community will get to know each other as well as interact with Davenport undergraduates and fellows, both by eating meals in the college and organizing at least one activity per term that appeals to the diverse interests of Davenporters. Graduate affiliates are also welcome to attend Master's Teas and other special events and to use the college's extensive facilities, including the digital media arts center, library, gym, printing press, and pottery studio.

Learn more about the current Davenport College Affiliates here: http://davenport.yalecollege.yale.edu/people/graduate-affiliates

The life and character of Ezra Stiles College can be best described through its love for the arts, passion for intramural athletics, and the cohesive pride of its students. We welcome Graduate Affiliates who seek to compliment each of these aspects and enrich the lives of undergraduates in the college. Affiliates in Ezra Stiles College should look for opportunities to bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate students by serving as mentors to students who are curious about various careers, graduate work, and life in New Haven. We expect each affiliate to eat meals in the college, and to organize at least one activity during the year, in conjunction with the Stiles College Council and the Student Activities Committee, that will bring something new to the residential community. Affiliates may serve on the College Seminar committee or perform some other service in the college. We welcome their involvement in attending and helping organize Ezra Stiles events, including Master’s Teas, Fellows’ dinners, and more. 

Learn more about the current Ezra Stiles Affiliates here: http://ezrastiles.yalecollege.yale.edu/people/graduate-affiliates-2013-2014

Jonathan Edwards is the oldest of the residential colleges and its recent renovations – particularly in the basement – have made it a showpiece. Graduate affiliates who join the college are expected to want to contribute their energy and initiative to sustaining J.E. as a vibrant, vital community. All affiliates are asked to take responsibility for one or more activities in the college: for example, holding a career discussion, managing a basement facility, participating in a cultural visit to New York, galvanizing an activity like bowling, square dancing or apple picking, playing on an IM team, or helping to host a study break. Through these activities it is hoped that affiliates and students will form natural and mutually enriching relationships –which is the ultimate mission of the affiliate program. Affiliates are also welcome to use the facilities of the college and are invited to join the Fellows of the college at weekly dinners.

Learn more about the current Jonathan Edwards Affiliates here:  http://je.yalecollege.yale.edu/whos-who/graduate-affiliates

Morse College
Our passionate students, fellows, and faculty - known as Morsels - are eager to participate in residential life with you! Infuse college life with a piece of yourself: devise your own program, advise our undergraduates, share your deep love for all things that build our sense of community wellbeing. The Morse family celebrates our world famous architecture (yes, it’s won highly coveted prizes), the finest undergrad performance space on campus, our own New Haven style pizza and #1 dining hall, and our terrific art.  We’d love to share our experiences with you.  Morse College, home of the gargantuan lipstick and hundreds of Morsels, awaits!

Learn more about the current Morse College Affiliates here:

Pierson College is the college that dares to be all it can be. Graduate affiliates are not only full members of the Pierson community, but also mentors to its diverse student body. A few staples include advising seniors on their Mellon Forum presentations, speaking on graduate education panels, and organizing happy hours. The activities organized by graduates in the past reflects our diverse passions - teaching surgical knot-tying skills, leading private tours of the Beinecke Library and musical workshops, organizing Master's Teas and study breaks, and more. Just beyond its Georgian cloisters and courtyard, Pierson is also closest to Yale's fine arts galleries, theaters, architecture school, medical campus, bohemian tea shops, restaurants, bars, and GPSCY. Pierson College invites all interested graduate students to apply.

Learn more about the current Pierson College Affiliates here:

Silliman College
The Silliman College graduate affiliate program is new this year, but we see ourselves as the most inventive college, always trying new things.  We are seeking graduate students interested in being a part of college life, interacting with each other, with undergraduate students, with our residential fellows, and with our staff.  We are eager for graduate affiliates to help with existing programs and to develop their own programs based on their areas of interest and skill.  We welcome graduate students with an interest in joining conversations in our Dining Hall about demanding topics, a willingness to advise undergraduates regarding graduate or professional schools, an eagerness to offer informal advising of all types, an interest (if not an ability) to play intramural sports or help with music or arts, and a willingness to help us nurture and build our community.

Saybrook College
Saybrook College occupies half of the original Memorial Quadrangle in the center of Yale's campus. Thanks to its architect James Gamble Rogers, Saybrugians live in splendor among the college's gothic arches, baronial dining hall, circumscribing moat, and two courtyards. Graduate affiliates partake in a variety of activities, ranging from academic affairs such as career tables, college seminar selections, and fellowship applications; to artistic activities involving the Saybrook Orchestra and Underbrook Theater; to social events such as apple picking, baking apple crisp, pumpkin carving, and decorating for the holidays. We are also always open to new ideas that will enhance the college experience for our students.

Learn more about the current Saybrook College Affiliates here:

Ashé! Timothy Dwight is the residential college that is closest to Paris. World and sophisticated, we’re also laid back. Barefoot afternoons in the courtyard, bluegrass music and a crayfish boil typify the TD vide. We’ve only started the Graduate Affiliate program in 2013, and we’re looking at expanding the footprint in 2014. Our primary goal is to work as mentors with some of our seniors on the Mellon Forums, where they present their thesis work to peers. Additionally, we’d love to have participation at meals, social events and intramural sports! (Especially Intramural sports - TD has won the greatest number of intramural championships and we intend to sustain that distinction!)

Learn more about the current TD College Affiliates here: http://timothydwight.yalecollege.yale.edu/about/graduate-affiliates

Trumbull College
Trumbull College has a diverse, friendly and active group of graduate affiliates who participate fully in the vibrant life of the college. Trumbull is an architecturally beautiful college - James Gamble Rogers, who designed eight of the twelve Yale colleges, considered it his masterpiece - and it has its own tight knit community including four hundred students, an active faculty fellowship, its Dean, Master, senior administrative assistants and other staff. Graduate affiliates meet for weekly meals.  They are expected get to know the undergraduates and fellows of the college through actively attending events which the college sponsors (such as fellows meetings; class wine, dessert and sushi receptions; trips; and intramural sports), mentoring a senior for his or her Mellon Forum presentation, and dreaming up, planning and executing their own activities for Trumbull’s students.  In the past these activities have included dance classes, trips to museums, trivia nights, and wine tastings, but new ideas are always welcome!  They can also attend and suggest speakers for Master’s Teas (particularly well-known people with whom they may have personal connections).  Affiliates have access to all college facilities, including a kitchen, pottery studio, theatre, dance studio, and an art gallery. This semester Trumbull is particularly keen to recruit affiliates who might lead activities in Trumbull’s facilities (for example, a person who could occasionally teach pottery, arrange for an art show during the year, teach a particular kind of cooking, or lead a dance class). We also welcome anyone who is eager to share in life at Trumbull with enthusiasm!

Learn more about the current Trumbull College Affiliates here: